(iPhoneinCanada) Wrapsol Ultra for iPhone 5

(IPHONEINCANADA) – There are lots of screen protector options for your iPhone 5, and today we’re going to take a closer look at our experience with the Wrapsol Ultra full body kit for the iPhone 5, which the company sent us. We’re very familiar with Wrapsol’s take on the screen protector (check out our iPhone 4S review and install tutorial), as their dry installation is one of the easier ones.

The Wrapsol Ultra full body kit for the iPhone 5 is similar to the iPhone 4S kit. Inside the box there is a protector for the front and back, along with a small micro fibre cloth and a thick cardboard squeegee.


(GottaBeMobile) Wrapsol Goes On Smooth and Easy

(GOTTABEMOBILE) – Wrapsol takes the pain out of installing iPhone 5 screen protectors with the bubble-free, frustration free, Wrapsol iPhone 5 Ultra Screen Protector.

The latest version for the iPhone 5 comes with protection for the front glass screen and the easily scratched rear. Wrapsol also includes edge protectors to round out the protection.

After using and reviewing over more than a half-dozen screen protectors, Wrapsol makes the easiest to install screen protection and solves the bubble problem that plagues many screen protectors.


(CIO) Protect Your Gadgets with Easy-to-Apply Wrapsol

(CIO) – The Wrapsol is an easy-to-apply, clear film that provides drop and scratch protection for a variety of mobile devices, including smartphones, tablets, e-readers and laptops.

If you’re in the market for a screen protector for your smartphone, tablet, e-reader or laptop, Wrapsol could be for you. Wrapsol is a protective film that can used on a variety of gadgets, and it’s made from a non-yellowing, clear material that’s coated with a clear, pressure-sensitive adhesive, according to its manufacturer.


(TheGadgeteer) Wrapsol Ultra Screen Protector for iPad Review

(THEGADGETEER) – I don’t normally use screen protectors on my electronics.  Most screen and body protectors require liquid for a smooth application, and the application directions warn you to remove the battery and keep the device turned off for a couple of days until the liquid has all evaporated.  That’s great, but Apple iPhones and iPads don’t have removable batteries, and I’m afraid of frying my expensive device during the wet application.  I’ve seen a couple of dry-apply screen covers, but they are usually for small devices.  The companies that make those dry-apply skins often have iPad-sized screen protectors, but they always seem to say that liquid is required for a satisfactory application of a screen protector that size.  Wrapsol offers tablet-sized screen protectors that require no liquid for application.  I was happy to be selected to review their Ultra Screen Protector for iPad 2 and New iPad when they offered a review sample to The Gadgeteer.