You have many choices when it comes to protecting your mobile devices. Choose Wrapsol – the most advanced device protection technology available.

FILM MATERIAL High-strength polyurethane Polyester (clouds + scratches)
ADHESION METHOD Bubble-clearing dry adhesive Low-tack glue or static-cling (traps air bubbles + dust)
PROTECTION LEVEL Impact + scratches Light scruffs only (weak)
BONUS FEATURE #1 Shock-absorbent None
BONUS FEATURE #2 Self-healing None
BONUS FEATURE #3 Lifetime warranty None

Premium Protection Options

For Every Lifestyle


Front and back polyurethane film protectors.

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Front and back polyurethane film protectors with the bumper case.

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Front glass protector and back polyurethane film protector.

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Polyurethane film covers front and back. Also Laptops.

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Easy Installation

No liquid. No bubbles. No hassles. Wrapsol’s proprietary application method is simple and straightforward, allowing

> DRY APPLICATION for safety and convenience

> APPLICATION HANDLES for easy, fingerprint-free alignment

> ACTIVE AIR RELEASE clears air bubbles for a perfect finish

“Wrapsol takes the pain out of installing screen protectors with the bubble-free, frustration free, Wrapsol Ultra Screen Protector.”

Kevin Purcell, GottaBeMobile.com

Proven Protection

You count on your mobile device to connect you to your world. Many products claim to protect that connection, but Wrapsol proves it.

> 20+ PATENTS covering our technology

> LAB TESTED to prove our advantages

*Puncture Resistance per ASTM D4833, Abrasion Resistance per ASTM D5264, Coefficient of Friction per ASTM D1894 SGS U.S. Testing Company Inc. Test Report No: 177:2110789PPR1

“The clarity of these protectors are its strongest point along with its glass-like feel.”

Gary Ng, iPhone in Canada

Protect Your Device